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Ornamental Pheasant, Partridge, & Quail in Greenleaf, Idaho

Redmon Aviary and Gamebird Farm in Greenleaf, Idaho, is proud to serve you for your source of a large variety of ornamental pheasant, partridge,quail, francolin, tinamou and grouse. We currently have 31 species of pheasant, 9 species of partridge, 12 species of quail, 3 species of francolin, 1 specie of tinamou and 7 species of grouse.

Ordering Birds

We still have a few birds left over from 2013. These birds are currently for sale, and will be shipped upon payment and weather allows.

In addition, we are taking orders for fall delivery for 2014. Please know that our birds can't be shipped during the hot summer months.

We typically begin shipping around the first of October. When scheduling your purchase a 20% deposit will be required. Full payment can be made when birds are ready for shipment.

We accept checks (may delay shipment a few days). We also accept money orders and PayPal.

Collectible Birds

Start or complete your collection from the variety of beautiful birds in our aviary. You are sure to find something that will catch your eye. We work diligently to make sure many of our birds including our grouse are quite tame. Many of which will eat out of your hand when you have one of the favorite treats like raw peanuts.

Impeyan Pheasant


To ship our birds, we utilize the USPS Express Mail service and approved boxes. These boxes are large enough to transport one pheasant or six quail each.

We only sell chicks starting in the fall unless picked up at our aviary.